Air Canada Profits, SBF SOL, Coinbase CAD, ARK Crypto ETF Stalled, Kraft Heinz CEO – Market News

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  1. Air Canada is the freaking worst company of all. I hope they die in agony. The only reason they got so much profit despite their horrible service and insane prices is due to the fact that Canadians don't have much choice, as always.

  2. Thanks for another great video.

    48% of Air Canada's flights were cancelled or delayed??? That's unacceptable. Westjet at 38% still isn't great, but it's better than Air Canada's "flip a coin to see if you're delayed" policy. To me that says Air Canada doesn't care about their customer's time.

    Bankman-Fried was absolutely trying to influence witnesses or poison potential juries against them. He didn't just leak his former girlfriend's diary, he leaked it to a New York Times reporter, and they used it to write an article about her. Potential jurors might read that article and conclude she's a flake, thus minimizing the impact of testimony she gives in a future trial.

    Five years ago I would have been thrilled that Coinbase was making it easier for people to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but a lot has happened since then and today I'm a little suspicious of their own ability to stay solvent. Despite all the bankruptcies though, I think Bitcoin does have some value as a long term investment. With the emphasis on "long term." I wouldn't put anything in it that I couldn't afford to lose. But the value does seem to rise over a ten year timescale, so an experiment with some mad money couldn't hurt.

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