After 8 Years Trading This Is My Favorite Strategy – Best Way To Trade Consistently And Profitably

This pull back based trend following trading system is one of the best ways I have come across to trade in a variety of markets and …


  1. 0:40 What is our trading goal?
    0:54 When entering short?
    1:05 When entering an uptrend long?
    1:15 Goal: entering at the tops of pullbacks in a downtrend & buy at the dips & the low of the dips in an uptrend.
    1:33 What the Trend Direction is? 200 EMA
    2:31 Entering right: EMA 20 50 plus . . .:
    4:20 Stoch RSI, make sure indicator has fully reset
    4:58 Hidden Bearish Div Price make a lower High, Stochastic RSI make a Higher High
    6:38 Multi TF
    6:54 Reg Div
    7:09 RSI
    7:15 Reg Bearish Div Price make a Higher High, Rsi make a Lower High
    9:12 Goal Summary
    10:09 TP SL
    11:24 Up Trend Example
    11:30 Bullish Hidden Div & Bullish Reg Div

  2. What is your time interval for your trading strategy? hourly, daily weekly? Question. You do review on the paid indicators. I'm interested in Market Spotter by CryptoJack. Haven't seen a review on that one. Currently a package of 5 indicators.

  3. This Jus helped me out alot man. Thank u Soo much 💯 I use the 20/50/200 ema but always struggled wit my timing all my entries when it comes to Pull back trading

  4. I'm leaving this comment because you often keep up with your subscribers.. can you try LUX ALGO's premium indicator.. it's on sale rite now.. super affordable.. I'm not getting paid for this I actually already bought it and haven't took the time to figure it out

  5. Always use Adx, MacD, Stochastic, Rsi, 200, 50 and 20 Moving average on 4hrs and 1day to destroy the market, contact me pay me and make money simple, Trading shouldn't be difficult.

  6. This is the most comprehensive presentation of the soundest trade strategy I've run across ever. Beats the heck out of all the one dimensional videos normally found advertising how much money some guy made in a day. I discovered the same observations over many years and put the very same strategy together that I follow daily, although with constant volume charts and multiple intraday "time" frames….1000,10000,50000 sh charts, etc. and SMIs in place of RSIs, but that's just a different preference. If you watch the market long enough the layers of this strategy just become obvious common sense and work great. The one ingredient that is hard to come by is the patience to wait for the right combination of multiple time frame momentum setups to occur and avoid trying to trade too much. The area that could use more work is targets, or exit strategies, for which I try to depend on the MAs in layered time frames, i.e. in the video one would hold until price closed above the 20 or 50 EMA, or until a MACD reversed up from a bottom. etc. and this would also combine with observations about price structure, i.e. higher lows, etc., like outlined in the video. But there is lots here, enough to make one very safe and consistently profitable in the market.

  7. You will never make money using indicators. They are lagging. They are trash. You are becoming cash cow for big banks. Instead use pure PRICE ACTION method or study Futures using volume profile better. But if you can, i better advise you to stay away from forex. It is addictive, dangerous and you will never make consistent profits and finally blow all your accounts. Only the big banks make money.

  8. Your explanation of hidden divergence is wrong. What you're describing as hidden divergence is actually just regular divergence. I've been teaching divergence since 1994. 🙂

  9. it would be nice if these “amazing” strategies that the youtubers always use actually included backtest numbers/data everytime in the videos. for all we know it could be bullshit. we need to see more youtubers actually including the statistics to backup their strategies.

  10. Finding this v interesting and thinking of giving it a go. Quick Q 1st though. Your rsi looks nothing like my rsi, so what hind is it? I see there's 2 converging lines to it, whereas mine just has 1 line. I've something looks like yours but is called a relative vigor index, so was wondering is this the same thing? I'm trading on a MT5 platform. Thanks in advance.

  11. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life……

  12. You should try correlated pairs divergence instead of indicator based. I know its advanced and hard for inexperienced traders but its highly accurate when combined with everything else you mentioned. Oh and I'm the Eric who followed you in the beginning of you dropping vids I just changed my pfp lol

  13. This is excellent instruction from an excellent channel. I joined his Patreon today.
    That said, RSI is not a measurement of overbought and oversold. This is a common mistake. RSI measures the relative strength of the current price direction. Therefore, having the meter fully pegged or maxed out is a good thing if you are trading in the indicated direction. You actually want the indicator maxed out if you are in that trade. He is correct that a change in strength or direction is an excellent indicator for trade exit or entry because the momentum of that price action has begun to shift. Not because it is overbought or oversold but because money is starting to move in the opposite direction. Some people toy with RSI settings without understanding this and miss out on excellent trading opportunities or additional profits because they are afraid of a maxed out indicator.

  14. Cool! Btw, if you use three Bollinger Bands (20, 50, 100) instead of EMAs then their deviance lines also provide additional confirmations to StoRSI/RSI. E.g. in this case, when StoRSI is already on the top but you see the price still gets close to the upper deviance line then it warns you that it's too early to enter.

  15. I will forever be indebted to you you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs. Annajn

  16. Great for trending markets, although anybody using this in a ranging market will probably get destroyed. Another thing novice traders should be aware of is that if you're placing trades with the market order, your 1/2 risk to reward is actually going to be more like 1/1.5 (or less) because commissions will eat your profits and blow out your losses. The smaller the timeframe, the more you should be worried about commissions. Limit orders will help mitigate this (most brokers have significantly lower fees when using limit orders). Also be mindful of the liquidity of the asset you're trading. I don't normally trade anything with a 24h volume turnover of less than 50 million. Placing a large market order on an asset that doesn't have much liquidity will give you a sloppy entry, making it harder for you to achieve a 1/2 risk to reward.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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  20. Successful trading requires basic knowledge and most time good experience to carry out the right investment plan. If you know how to trade you can make a ton of money no matter where you find yourself

  21. When trading with fractals, should trader flip charts, 15M, 1H,4H,D1, all at once & see where support & resistance IS as shown by fractals on each frame–and if if it fits close to top/bottom of daily ADR, take that trade. Now 15M fractal level may not be robust(strength wise) enough–but 1H fractal is because to form 1H fractal, market could not penetrate THAT LEVEL IN 5 CANDLES WHICH IS 5 HOURS–and that is lot of data(strength).AND fractal on 1H chart is not just one man talking but line (support/resistance) drawn by millions of traders in those 5 hours. Just act on 1H fractal–and trade be in the direction of 4H/daily trend. I seek your wisdom ?

  22. I really appreciate for your awsome video! I was wondering if we trading in 4 hours instead of Daily timeframe (mentioned in the video), can we use the same EMA(200,50,20) or we should change EMA values in order to trade in lower Timeframe? Thanks again!

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