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TraderTom : Risk And Leverage Tutorial …


  1. I have a valid question what would you do when “A” pull back doesn’t break through “B” neck line creating another low let’s say “A” and “B” hits the same level of resistantce how you take that trade?…hope I explained my self clear

  2. OMG. Almost 3 years of trading, from searching what's the best indicator for trading to never lose trading and never found one. But, until i found this gosh that was a goosebumps and yes i backtested it on ETH and BTC yes. How can I connect with you sir? I want to learn more from you the ABC. Thank you.

  3. Use this if you are new to trading, especially. It is a super practical, hands-on way to learn how to manage risk. Love it. Great job articulating something that everyone else seems to do convolutedly. Great work, Austin. You're humility shows. A humble trader is a good trader.

  4. Yeah, but hindsight is also 20/20 in these examples. In a live trade you would not know exactly where to always get out, and if you stayed in the trade thinking that it may go higher, you run the risk of it reversing to a stop out.

  5. Greetings from Pakistan
    Thanks for the greatest referral ever …. Tom was phenomenal in showing me the mirror …. Plus I enjoyed your anarchistic comment about beating the Market Makers in their own game.
    Thanks and keep up making one life better everyday

  6. Why do I feel like all the time iv spent watching indicator strategy ideas and different things should have been spent learning this!!

    I would love to learn from you man, is this possible??

  7. so funny I watched this video last week on Tuesday and watched it again just now. And realized when I first watched it it was March 22 , 2022 and in the end of the video you have that date highlighted with your cursor. lol I'm interested in your trading strategy gonna watch your videos and see if I should join your group .

  8. Thanks Austin. I fucking love you dude. I needed something I could run with without emotion. It works because it's simple and most people wan't to over complicate everything 😂 Let's make some bread fam!

  9. There is a "Retail Trader" born every minute, that is why Smart Money will always win, and that's why an opportunity on Smart Money will get good, better, best results – as mentioned not a 100%

  10. Hello , wow I like your strategy. I see it many times. ( sorry, my english is not the best. ) I still have so many questions (which unit of time, how do I find the way out…) can one somehow be taught by you. I'm happy about your answer. Greetings from Germany

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