a forex hedging approach, explained

Trading is risky, and most people lose money. Follow my trades, get coaching, hangout with the MFX group: …


  1. Hey friends, thank you for sharing that the audio is having an issue in the video. I've just played the video from YT on my computer and on my phone, and the audio is working fine for me. Is the audio working for you all now? Let me know, I'll figure out how to get it fixed if so.


    I was told to spread my savings across different things like stocks and bonds to protect my retirement.with the everything being shaky,I'm considering going into Trade.?

  3. I love the idea that we could trade as far as the market allows us. It is a fact , just most of us do not understand it , expecting that our thoughts and hopes matters and will be right, when being right to a degree of consistent profitability is almost impossible and it is not even necessary to be right that much. Thank you Nick !

  4. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my entire life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Mrs Katherine Flores.

  5. id love to be able to do this, what about sleep time though what then ? maybe lots of coffee and the devils dandruff? i really need something that works cause im stuck in the cycle of changing starts every week, things seems to work for a while and then it becomes evident they dont , im losing hope

  6. Thanks for the great video. I'm not familiar with "hedge" orders, but would like to try and see if I can master it on a paper trading account. Which brokers provides such order types? I appreciate your response in advance.

  7. I watched this video, thought wow what a genius! went to trade this way only to realise, you're taking slightly bigger losses than you would have with a SL. here's how. say the market is 100 points down from your buying position when you get into hedge. then market goes further 100 points down when you find another buying opportunity and you exit your sell with 100 points profit, then the buy goes in your favour and comes say 200 points up to your buy breakeven and you made 100 points from this trade. now the problem, couldn't you just have set an SL at 100 points and got into buy trade later, saving you some commision, and spread?

  8. You lied. You covered your face claimed some people are after you. But your real face is all over your YouTube video thumbnail.

    Additional, you hedge in gold, you blow your account. 100%.

  9. GOD loves you enough to send HIS only SON to save you and if you repent and turn from your sins and be baptized in THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. ((if you haven't )

  10. @Nick Sawn. Hi Nick, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.I am just learning and ofcourse there comes a stupid question. @17.41 in the vid..why do you wait for a lower price to sell? Would you mind explaining?..is it because your currency is USD and the XAU is stronger?

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