90% Winrate BITCOIN Trading Strategy | Tested 300 Times | (Halftrend + EMA + ATR)

Welcome back to TradeSmart! In this video I am going to present you a trading strategy on BTCUSDT which claims to have 90% …


  1. This guy https://youtu.be/47JQop96p58
    used the same strategy and achieved 57% on gbpusd after 1000 trades 5 minute timeframe, do you think these results are real?
    He used the pivot point supertrend atr instead of the one you used here but the rest is exactly the same, could that make any difference?

  2. there are so many bad systems and bots out there, I was wondering if we were to take a terrible system and buy when it says sell, and sell when it says buy, could this work?

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