76% Win Rate Highly Profitable Trading Strategy Proven 100 Trades – 3 EMA + Stochastic RSI + ATR

Here is the highest win rate trading strategy I have tested with a 76% win rate in this test of 100 trades. This simple strategy …


  1. Hi Trade Pro
    That is an amazing strategy as was the 1 minute on Bitcoin, though as you said the time frame can do better and safer with a higher time!
    Just brilliant I will surely try something on those lines

  2. Awesome video,As a beginner,I made weak profit investing on my own but since I started trading with Mrs Camilla Margaret,I've made huge profit, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

  3. HI Master PRO TRADER

    i follow most your strategies now.
    i must say, nice work.
    however now i am defenitly confused.

    which strategy can you recommend for 15min TF? or 5min.

    any course or mentor ship i can sign up for?
    i WhataaaaPPPPED you but maybe you have new number?

  4. @Trade Pro Thanks for your great video again! A checked your video's for hours now.. But just to be sure, for all testing, do you always use 1%/trade? Because when you have like 40% gains in 6 months, with 1% risk, this seems very good to me.

  5. I noticed a lot of people here are commenting that the strategy is not good at all. I've been having so much fun using it for some time now and I must say it's an amazing strategy. I even use 2% risk because the strategy has such low drawdowns. The market is NOT a coin toss. You cant expect a trend strategy to keep printing you money in all market conditions( the FX market trends only 30 -40 percent of the time.) This is a trend following strategy only. The best advice will be to
    -use a currency strength indicator and trade stronger against weaker currencies( don't trade shit like eurchf, these are naturally rangebound)
    – DONT over trade. I personally take 1 trade a day, works like a charm.
    -Dont be lazy. Backtest and trade manually. Algos usually can't tell the different market cycles.
    Good luck.

  6. Thank you for this! What is interesting is I don't think these are the default settings in ThinkOrSwim for the StochRSI. TOS is 14k and 3d what is bizarre.

  7. why on 3.06 you skipped the deal. on the long green candle? where the previous order was closed. rsi crossed up and the long green candle closed above all EMA. you skipped some deals further.

  8. For crypto lovers, I did some tests on ETHUSDT it gave good results with a 71.22% wr. I changed the indicators to 12 EMA, 34 EMA and 200 EMA, Stoch 8 periods, 2 ATR for stop loss and 2 ATR for take profit. 1m chart with 140 trades

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