72000 crore Rupees Cryptocurrency Fraud | Bitcoin frauds on telegram

72000 crore rupees, this is not a revenue nor a turnover of any company, it is a cryptocurrency scam in India. These days …


  1. First of all, Thanks to GrindTechiei for making the work environment so friendly and taking your responsibility seriously and completing the work gracefully! You deserve so much. Your team does what they say they are going to do and their ethics are of the highest quality:.

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  3. Sir aaj hi telegram me lalach me aakar me is froud me aa gya..aaccha hota agar ye video pahele dekhta..
    Pahele mene 5000 bheje to uska thodi der bad msg aaya ki aapko 8k vali skim leni padegi to fir mene 3000 bheje uske bad uska message aaya ki aapko 30000 milege uske liye aapko gst charge chukana padega..aur uske bad muse pata chal gya ki mere 8000 to gye un madarchod ke pas.. aaj ke bad kabhi yesi lalas me nahi paduga..😢😅

  4. Sir aje he mera satha 7000
    Dalvay or bola 21000 milage
    Fir mane 7000 invest kaiya
    Fir muja 6500 charge lage
    Aur mane bola last charge ha us ne bola ha last charge he
    Fir mane 6500 charge kiya
    Screen short bheja
    Ab bol raha ke 11300 bhusra charge lage
    Ab kaya karu sir

    O bhai mane kiya

  5. Bhai aaj mere saath 11,200 RS ka fraud hua hai ….isi tarah se…main kya Karu samjh nahi aaraha hai

    Pls help me brother….main ek student hu…meri financial condition achhi nahi hai…isliye Maine dosto se paise udhar mang ke invest kiye to ab mereko ye bahot bada fraud ho gaya hai

  6. इसको scam नहीं, हमारे बुजुर्ग इसको
    मूर्ख का धन होशियार का चटनी बोलते है,
    मेरे ही एक बहुत नजदीकी बेरोजगार मित्र इसी तरह क्रिप्टो बेच बेच के 1 साल में फॉरच्यूनर ले लिया. ये अलग बात है कि हमसे 5 हजार भी नही निकलवा सका crypto में इन्वेस्ट कराने को😂 वो सब मुझे अभी मूर्ख कहते है पर मैं जानता हूं कि अंत में उनके पैसे डूबेंगे।

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