70% Win Rate Advanced Trading Strategy Proven 100 Trades – Fibonacci + 50 EMA + RSI

Here is a very effective trading strategy combining Fibonacci, RSI, 50 EMA, and candlestick patterns to get great entries on pull backs in trends. I test it 100 times …


  1. i have many problems with the strategy. when should we not trade it?. it seems like all the trades went well. Please i need detail explanation on this strategy. i have tried visiting his site and his ways of teaching is not very clear to me.

  2. Nice video. But you see in trading cryptocurrency, one requires more than just a primary knowledge of crypto. It is best to trade with an expert to avoid unnecessary losses.
    It’s advisable to have a professional trader/broker who is an expert in the field to help you manage your account.

  3. your definition of RSI divergence is confusing for a long trade you say look for higher lows on price with lower lows on RSI wouldnt it be lower lows on price with higher lows on rsi???

  4. Followed your link to webull. Signed up. Said to deposit $100 to receive two free stocks. Upon completing signup was told I'd received a stock valued at 2.50. Woohoo! But guess what, didn't even receive that.. because once my deposit was finalized i was left with $95 after fees. Looked up "where is my free stock" and instructions now say that you can't just deposit $100.. you need to deposit more than $100.. so like $105 to receive your free stock… So not sure what information you had… because no, you don't get two free stocks and no–>at least in your other videos you claim (you will receive up to 1800.00 in value?). Lol Okay

  5. Where are you deciding to start your Fibonacci retracement? This is what I don't understand about the Fibonacci. It looks like you can just Captain Hindsight it, place it wherever you want to make it look like it works, and in reality it just doesn't work.

  6. Hello!
    Great insights…
    Thanks a tonn!

    The telegram link isn't working and neither I was able to find you via Search on Telegram.

    I need to speak before taking the subscription on Patreon.


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