$6,000,000 Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads – What You Need to Know

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  1. do you corect the add before it goes online to make sure there's no ban mistake for the first one???? i will be in end of the month. much easier to start with pros yhan loosing time and money, because if you don't know what to do it canbe much more expensive!!!

  2. thank you I've been in AM for such a long time and had the chance to learn so much about Google I did a course in digital marketing last year which instead of using google ads I purchase the crap traffic and mail shots etc like many people or crap marketer promote, I always wondered if it was possible but was very scared of using google ads

  3. Google is always changing so I am trying to create an ad campaign for purchases using YouTube
    but Google Ads will NOT recognize any of the 5 Clickbank video links I have tried to place in their URL box.
    It says "No videos found" or "This URL is NOT a video". What do I do next. I have tried all kinds of variations
    not just in the links but how I created the ad campaign, linking to the YT channel,linking to my business gmail address,
    putting my website URL although I cannot advertise the kind of Clickbank products I want to on Shopify.
    Nothing works. Would love your advice.

  4. Wow that was great information.I was also thinking to start with Google Ads,should I use a lead capture page and then later on promote different offers to them??Is that complaint with Google policies??

  5. Thanks for the video! Do you use a MCC account for affiliate proposes? Do you recommend creating under MCC one account=one offer? I am worried that Google won't be happy if I promote diff websites on one ad account.

  6. Can you make a video explaining how to become verified to use Google Ads when you are an affiliate marketer? I have been attempting to become verified for two weeks now.

    Google Ads will not allow me to run ads and they paused my account. Google says that I have to submit proof of my organization or established business. I don't have this to submit as I am just starting out as an online affiliate.

    I have been searching all over the Internet for instructions on how I can become verified to run Google Ads as a new affiliate marketer but I have not found anything.

    I am so lost. I don't know what to do.
    Should I just scrape my whole Google Ads campaign?

    I really need help😥

  7. This was a great place to start when you don't know what NOT to do. Thanks so much. Definitely Subbed. Looking into more of your work. Another video that may help to warm up/start would be "What I would do if I had to start all over today." I keep hearing about CPA.

  8. Hello, how are you? I'm Brazilian and I'm interested in joining the challenge. I would like to know if the challenge has Portuguese subtitles, because I don't speak English.

  9. I just did my first ad last night and already declined, said " online gambling and credit " which neither of these I'm not doing although my ad has the word credit

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