5,000 to 50,000 Crypto Trading Challenge as a BEGINNER (Kaya ko kaya?)

In this video, I’m going to go on a 5000 to 50000 Crypto Trading Challenge as a BEGINNER. At the end of the year, 2023, will see …


  1. Hello po good day 😊, I am your new subscriber po pala😊 and I really like all of your videos po cause it helps me for future po, since I am still 18 years old pa po. Also po I write this a message po cause I just got bought my visa maya card and at the back of my maya card their is a word that "AUTHORIZE SIGNATURE ( NOT VALID UNLESS SIGNED)" so ask ko lang po if should I signed my signature po ba? And how to signed it po? Like tatangalin ko po batong parang stripe or at the top of stripe lang po ako mag signature? Yun lang po thank you😊

  2. I'm truly amazed by your exceptional technical skills. Initially, I considered giving up on trading, thinking of it as a mere gamble. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled to convey that I've achieved substantial profitability, utilizing successful trades to buy my first house and decreasing my reliance on a steady salary. Trading necessitates unwavering commitment and persistence, with the crucial element being maintaining absolute concentration. This journey ensures definite rewards as it reaches its conclusion.

  3. I began my investment journey at the age of 33, primarily through hard work and dedication. I am to share that my passive income exceeded $100k in a single month for the first time. This success reinforces the importance of the advice mentioned earlier. It is not about achieving quick wealth, but rather ensuring long-term financial prosperity.

  4. Hi Tiyo Pilo, for these past days or I think over a month na ata wala ko ka remember exactly but I would like to say isa ka sa akong gina follow for investment aside kay charm and present from fb. Na inspire gyud ko ninyo. After watching the inspiring videos and inyong experiences for investments I can proudly say I am an investor now as well. So I would like to say salamat kaayo. God bless. I’m looking forward for more inspiring and knowledgeable videos.

  5. I began investing at the age of 33, primarily utilizing my hard work and dedication. Now at the age of 38, I am delighted to share that my passive income exceeded $100k for the first time in a single month. This advice is truly valuable, so don't hesitate to take action. Remember, it's not about achieving wealth quickly, but rather about building wealth consistently and persistently.

  6. Dips are the market's way of setting the stage for the next big rally! Remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback. If you're feeling uncertain, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The crypto world is full of opportunities, and those who stay informed and patient often reap the biggest rewards. Dive deep, do your research, and always be ready to seize the moment, A noteworthy acknowledgment goes to Kerrie Farrell, whose proficiency has been instrumental in expanding my portfolio to 17 Btc within a mere 9 weeks of delving into the crypto realm. I strongly endorse her for anyone seeking to enhance their investments..

  7. Hi Tiyo Pilo, I'm a fan po. May tanong lang po sana ako, meron po ba kayong alam na digital bank na hindi ko basta basta makukuha ung nilagay kong savings? May mp2 po me pero its 5 years pa po eh meron kaya ung oarang d mo pwede ipasa but you need something like pumunta pa ng office or nakalock ng time para makuha? Nagiipon po kase ako. Thanks po Tiyo Pilo san mapansin. More power po ❀

  8. Tiyo! Thanks for the informative videos. Quick question, how often do you suggest us in buying more shares into one company eg. AREITS? Several time in one month, 1s a month, annual?

  9. Hi Tiyo Pilo, I managed to asked the customer support of AB Capital – GCash. According to them, if you buy stocks with dividends in GStocks PH, we will get our Dividends and this will be credited to our account in GStocks PH.

  10. Nag simula ako sa investing adventure ko sa cryptocurrency… I joined degen defi… earned a lot and lose a lot, too. If you ask me, just start with Spot Trading… study (initially) one coin first and understand its price action (movement)… do not trade yet… learn and understand how to read Candle Sticks… learn how to understand and how to use the Bollinger Band, Moving Average (MA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), RSI, Stochastic RSI, and MACD… know what Timeframe to use – 15 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 Day, or 1 Week? What type of trading you plan to do? Day Trading, Swing Trading, Scalping or Mid to Long Term investing. You should also understand the movement of Bitcoin… and Macro-economics that sways the market like the US Stock market, the DXY (Dollar Strength Index), BTC Dominance, ETH Dominance, CPI/Inflation, GDP, and the US Interest Rates… What is Liquidity? Whale buy and sell? Riding the Narrative wave. Learn when to buy (enter) and sell (exit) a trade.

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