5000 से 5 Lakh का Crypto Trading || Exness Complete Tutorial for Beginners | Crypto Trading in India

Crypto Trading || Crypto Trading in Exness || Crypto Trading in India …


  1. 0:24: 💰 Complete trading setup with fast withdrawals and risk management in Exness platform.
    4:43: 💰 Step-by-step guide on opening and trading in a crypto account with Exness platform.
    09:17: 💰 Introduction to cryptocurrency trading for beginners in India with Exness platform.
    13:44: 💰 Understanding leverage options and spread in crypto trading on Exness platform.
    18:13: 💸 Payment process using UPI QR code explained in detail with troubleshooting tips.
    22:20: 💰 Setting up indicators and trends for successful crypto trading explained in Hindi.
    27:05: ⚠️ Risk management tips for Bitcoin trading to avoid losing money quickly.
    31:38: 💰 Risk management is crucial in trading to avoid significant losses and maximize profits.
    36:05: 💰 Maximizing profits in crypto trading by avoiding deposits, managing spreads, and optimizing withdrawals.
    40:46: 💡 Step-by-step guide on how to trade on the Exness mobile portal for beginners.
    45:13: 💰 Understanding tax implications in crypto trading and the smooth withdrawal process through online banking.

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  2. Capital wise kitna lot size le us calculation par video chahiye sir.
    Suppose aaj account size 50k hai or ek din badhkar particular no.
    Ho jati hai r/r wise lot size kese calculate kare sir.🎯

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