5 Tips on Investing in Cryptocurrency when the total market cap hits All-Time High

Are you confused about which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? The crypto industry is growing at a rapid pace, with …


  1. I have been trying to get my tokens out and put it into a cold wallet. This is the 4th day and I am still not able to withdraw the token, as per information provided by support "They say there is maintenance on going and there's no ETA for it's completion."

    What was Crypto ? Why was it created? The main purpose was to give Financial freedom, not to be governed by any central authority. This is completely against the very foundation of Crypto.

    Please provide details on the new features that are being worked on, why and what maintenance is in progress? I want to check the Git repo myself, please kindly provide the link with access. If you can't provide access please provide a screenshot of the branch.

    Thank you.

  2. Best thing to do when the market is high is to accumulate USDT, BUSD, USDC, UST etc and wait patiently for d dip… Bcoz as the market goes up, the values of stable coins decreases. When the dip comes, the value of stable coins increases and then we can buy altcoins using stable coins….. This has worked out for me very well

  3. Bhai explain to kaffi sahi kiya hai ..but Hindi audience ka kya ? If your making video jo India probably deke then make sure your contact will Hindi language……. 👍

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