5 Steps To Create Your Own Token – Marketing/Liquidity/Raise Money & More!

I created a multimillion $$ altcoin and in this video I will share the exact steps that I took to make it a succes. We will discuss …


  1. hi !
    very usfull information!
    But maybe if you will create next "how to" video, can you provide more information about LP protection. I saw few projects where some guys (not founders) riped out money from LIQUIDITY.
    Any advices on how to protect it?

  2. Super Squad: Andy's crypto prowess forms a united front for a buzzing ETH Chain scene. Brace for wild projects and epic growth with our superstar leading the charge!


  3. How can i get the total supply of my tokens into my metamask?
    the coin is created on remix.eth but i cant add the adress to my Metamask wallet.
    thanks in advance

  4. Will you do an easy to understand step by little step tutorial on making a matic token with a tax structure on remix. Maybe reflections as well. Something that I can follow along and do step by step with you in your video.

    I have a project I've been working on for a while now. However, I would like a polygon token for it.


  5. Solid advice man! From the CEX scammers, to the calls and more scammers! Lol! I’m doing a presale to and has been lobbying for the past 5-7 months in regards to token sales.

  6. Hey cool video and great info, thanks! Just wondering though, are we sure that it's legal for an individual to create and deploy a coin? I thought that someone would need some sort of permission or compliance? Sorry I'm just a newbie here trying to understand a bit more this crypto world 🙂

  7. To be honest, as a token creator my self the hardest part is marketing, without the following or a group of people, you have nothing. I done the science and research and testing and then created the kaigu coin, anti rug pull, with a redistribution built in. But I do not have the following. It's easy to talk about it. Not to market it. You got the funds. And people. That are interested. Let me know. Token is already built, deployed, verified, needs marketing, and funds for liquidity, and awareness. The token I built blocks whales from dumping the market
    Have a good one

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