5 sec strategy pocket option | 98% win ratio in OTC / simple binary hack trick

hello, 50% promo code -2VCgxAZi In this video, I have explained five second strategy which works good and you should try it in …


  1. It would be possible to raise more in PocketOption, but the whole point is that I want to turn off the computer as soon as possible and go to bed, because I already sit for 7 hours, trading everything. And for more significant earnings, you need to look for new strategies, apply something new, and so on.

  2. Man I've gone back and watch this video a few times the results are crazy. I'm winning over half of my trays. I lose like maybe a couple out of 10 trades, I'm only losing two maybe three trades

  3. This is a very effective strategy – New traders, try adding a tight trend indicator and take only the trades that agree with the trend.๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. Best strategy ever. Before finding I found I did something very similar using the 1min and the 5min candles. This is even better. Indicators don't work for me. Getting into some kind of a zone and use real-time price action works best for me.

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