5 Minute ADX Day Trading Strategy "Built by Professional Traders" Tested 100 Trades

I tested this day trading strategy using the ADX indicator 100 times. This strategy is claimed to be built by professional traders.


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  5. could be interesting if you put an EMA on the ADX and enter trades when it crosses the ema upwards and is still under 50. in my opinion it could work well as it gets you in the trade earlier

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  8. I've tested ADX until the cows came home. The problem essentially boils down to it being too much of a lagging indicator.

  9. At 3:13 you put the entry on the close of the candle not the open. I hope you did not make the same mistake during the 100 test. We’re just humans so we’re wrong sometimes and that’s why I start learning programming robots. To eliminate the wrong factor from trading. Btw I like your videos and you inspired me to start learning. Keep up the good work!

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  11. Give this strategy to your viewers, I have been trading this for 6,5 years now, it makes money 🙂

    You need:
    – 20 EMA
    – 50 EMA

    If the 20 is under the 50 = downtrend
    If the 20 is above the 50 = uptrend

    Wait for price to pullback to the zone between the 20 & 50, without closing above/below the 50. Set a line at the highest point before pulling back and wait for the breakout of that line. As soon as price closes above/below this line, enter, stoploss at the 50, take profit at 2 times risk.

    All of this on the 5 min timeframe

    You are all welcome 😉

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  13. At least Trading View has the correct ADX indicator.. That's not the case in Metatrader, they are completely different versions. It's interesting that Metatrader has always had the wrong one, while Trading View, Trade station and Multicharts have the correct version.

    What's seriously missing from the strategy is a directional bias. A moving average period of 200 or larger should be beneficial to picking direction.

  14. ‘Professional Traders’ – that’s laugh. Just another BS ploy for stupid people to take fake professionals advice so they can become liquidity for the markets – I’m sure they’re paid to do this

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