40 Reasons I sold all my Bitcoin and Ethereum for Internet Computer Protocol ICP

Cryptocurrency friends you will love my video showing 40 Reasons I sold all my Bitcoin and Ethereum for Internet Computer …


  1. I hope people dont listen to your decision, ist not so ironclad the future off ICP, I have a big problem and thats marketing to be honest and I own a lot ICP, just want stake them for no price, MHO

  2. I’m 35 Y.O. I am a RN by trade with 9 years under my belt. Last year I paid off my mortgage. I stumbled across Jerry content in November of 2023 as he did a presentation on ICP with his shirt off. Convinced, I refinanced my house and pulled out 50k along with liquidating my 401K of 33K and placed it into ICP staked indefinitely. I make 3200 hundred a month in passive income (18600 ICP is what I have locked). I plan on retiring from nursing with ICP by my 40th birthday and switching over to computer engineering. #backtoschool 😎

  3. This guy is the biggest joke in the whole space. Hes gambling away ALL his money and Bitcoin again and he will loose all again. He tells you he has 10 years experience, how is he still broke then? Becaue he does the same shit again and again. He buys bitcoin and some alts, then he looses patience and sells all for one single shitcoin. Dont do the same bs guys!

  4. Jerry I am confused – let's say i put 7 ICP into EstateDAO on launchpad – how do i monitor the price of the EstateDAO and how do i swap for ICP? We need a better launchpad guide, thank you very much.

  5. This seems like the worst period.

    Even the market are now very unpredictable. Started investing recently when the market prices were a bit high,today I am more than 60% down!..

  6. ICP will eventually collapse. It's built on AMAZON servers, no true decentralization. Their type of decentralization is actually unstable, but they won't tell you that. What people don't realize is, crypto is just asset storage, send and receive for a fee. Blockchains make money on fees, they have a fee wallet that it gets sent to. It's just like XOOM, Moneygram, Paypal but with a different type of technology, blockchain.

    Bitcoin, like MOST of crypto today is a digital asset storage and payment gateway. And arrows and labels in those whitepapers will just blind you from actually understanding the core idea to make it seem like it's more than what it is. You have to understand the core idea with the technology to see if storing your MONEY digitally on a specific blockchain is worth it. It's still a race for altcoins and the name of the game is "let the best code and digital asset win".

    There are tons of blockchain companies that probably have better technology than ICP. But a lot of those companies failed at marketing their company and asset. It happens with fiat and digital currencies. After you run out of funds to market, you have two options…let the public know and let them get out, or the crypto company takes the money and runs.

  7. This is a heavily inflated coin with infinite supply.
    Remember when you bashed everyone from buying Solana a year a go, claiming that FTX hold huge amount of Solana that they are going to sell?? Turns out these were blocked and not usefully.. I have a hard time believing what you say

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