In this video I do a detailed tutorial on 3Commas simple DCA trading bots and how I managed to make over $44000 profit using them! I go into great detail why I …


  1. Whenever my deals open my safety orders will suddenly be cancelled after a few minutes! Anyone have any idea on how to fix this. I’m on Gemini.

  2. I’m very new to this..Can I just ask..do I have to have funds in my binance account in order to create a bot.I’m looking at starting of with the 2k u described….And does it matter wich coin I have invested in..sorry for sounded silly..

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….. This is by far the best tutorial I've seen on 3commas and I've seen many of them. Thanks again and I wish you many blessings in your crypto journey.

  4. 15k profit, with how much starting capital? If you had simply bought 1 BTC around January 25, 2021 and sold it around February 25th, 2021, you would have made the same profit. That was a significant period of upward growth for BTC and most other altcoins.

    Furthermore, everyone becomes a trading guru, during a bull market. The real test is how traders perform, during a bear market.

  5. Wow mate thanks for these videos. Totally noob to bots I didn’t even know they existed until today. I’ve just started on the series and am confident in getting this started. Going from buy and hold to trading bots safely and surely

  6. Hi. I am using Binance US for my exchange. Set up my bots per this video but taking profits in USD. Almost all of my sell orders (1.5% profit) are being cancelled. Can anyone help me understand why? Thank you!

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