19% growth in my second month with Coinmatics – a cryptocurrency copy trading platform

I provide an update on my second month using Coinmatics and highlight a potential issue with the copy traders. This platform lets …


  1. I think Coinmatics has bombed in a spectacular way. Their whole system is haywire and I've personally lost a considerable amount following the best trading strategies, even paid ones. So please don't trust their historical graphs or figures because everything is not following any logic. PLS AVOID.

  2. Hi! Great Video! I just tried the Conmatics with one of the signals, but it failed to follow the signal, do you have this kind of experience before?

  3. Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the great content.
    I have created a coinmatics account and deposited 200 USDT to begin copy trading. I selected a strategy with more than 30K$ capital and asked for auto align option but all the copying actions were failed. Do you think it was due to big difference between my balance and trader's balance? The minimum deposit to invest on that account was 150 USDT. How can we maximize our copy trading success rate?

  4. so happy to see this explanation on why my $400 got burned in other copy trade platform .. at first it shows $300 profit and all of a sudden i got a loss of more than i could possibly earn .. was so heartbroken but perhaps the trader is a heavy scalpel which i know now how risky it is .. thanks for sharing your input on the risk

  5. Thanks for the tip for holding alt coins in the same account! Great video as always!

    Btw do you know if your coins get sold when auto aligning or is only the amount of relevant coins being changed?

  6. Hi Graham, Do I need to necessarily have minimum 229 if I want to use binance signals or can I start with something smaller in my binance account?.. great video by the way!

  7. Thank for this. It’s great to see reviews where the product is “actually used” as opposed to someone reading from some script of how it “should” work.

    Do you know how the trader is compensated? It wasn’t clear from your reviews (I watched all 3 videos .. or maybe I missed it).

    I don’t mind free services to try out stuff, but what is the incentive for the trader to make good trades so that you can earn money copying them.

  8. Seems like you can only fund your Binance account with BTC (and no other coins) by debit card, why would that be? If so, can we fund our Binance account with Bitcoin and trade with USDT in Coinmatics?

  9. Dear Graham! One more high quality review to our collection! Thanks a lot!

    Answering to your questions:
    1. Adding new exchanges. Bybit is on the final adding stage. This will the second exchange integration. Then we plan to integrate with FTX and Bitfinex.
    2. Scapling strategies. Coinmatics tries to make the process of copying deals as fast as possible. We have been working on it all the time. Btw, the success of copying scalping strategy also depends on the depth of the market, liquidity and etc. So, the efficiency of the such kind of strategies needs to be defined in an individual way. You're right that investors need to pay attention to scalping strategies, hope that our platform will make it more transparent as it is, especially when we have more investors on the platform. Thanks for pointing it out.

    P.S. That's our last news digest: https://coinmatics.com/blog/news/coinmatics-update-digest-january-2021/ Welcome!

  10. If the trader that I want to mirror uses USDT as their base currency but I don't own any in my Binance exchange, will it simply convert the existing coins in my portfolio while making the trades?

  11. Hi Graham
    Great videos! I was looking at the earning section on Binance myself. What did you transfer your spot BTC over to and how safe do you think it is?

  12. The monthly profit shown with binance signals profile is 131% while your personal binance account shows 19% during the last month. Reason behind this difference?

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