15 Minute Trading Strategy : Pullback Magnetic System Vs The Best Bollinger Bands Secret (100% New)

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  1. Thank you this is a great strategy. Do you look at the HTF to see trend? I followed this strategy on Gold Futures and Paltinum Futures and lost on the trade bc i went long on a down trend 1hr chart. I traded on a 15 min and lost on the trade. juat was hoping you can help with this. THANK YOU!

  2. Hey I've been using this since I discovered this video and it's quite eye opening as a Bollinger user. I would like to know other date and strategies using the bands if you have any other info about it. THank you by the way for teaching this. It really opened up another dimension to my strategies <3

  3. this strategy made me earn more than 120% in a month and a half never a stop loss is really incredible 🙂 but I must say that playing with 3/5 leverage I close a little before the TP, to be reiterated that within after the working day , and around 20:00 Italian the market is not that great but it works: D Thanks! : D

  4. Trend on 4H chart is the best trend guide for majority of forex traders( if one keeps trades for 2-5 days. By the time trader realizes that trend on daily chart is up, market has already gone up about 3-5 days & if you ask supercomputer for the mathematical odds, computer tells you that odds are negative right from the start. Another reason is that trend on 1H chart can flip on A dime & your money is gone.Trend based on the last 5-10,four hourly candles has enough players behind it so that it would not flip on A dime, so trader has decent chance to make something without buying overpriced merchandise. Seek your wisdom?

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