100x Opportunity on Bitcoin (Beginners guide to ordinals)

In this video I show you how to get started with btc20s and ordinals What are ordinals/brc20 How to set up a wallet How and …


  1. I haven't dove into brc-20 & ordinals yet. I've just discovered them and have watched a few tutorials today, and a bit of searching to try and familiarize myself. Just curious if you have any thoughts on the Xverse wallet? I seen another video saying it was compatible with Ledger & Magiceden. I own trezor and ledger so just wondering your thoughts, or if Unisat or any of the other wallets are compatible with a hardware wallet?

  2. Firstly this was the best video for beginner i have seen on brc theme. And secondly , this may be imho opinion but as i skipped this long ago) i think i am very veeery late already. Its like sell the news phase imho. So i want to ask which other chains you use that are not hyped yet! For minting ibscriptions etc ? )

  3. Is ordinals wallet and unisat still doing an airdrop? I remember you made a video earlier in the year about it. Amazing content btw keep up the good work 🙏

  4. Bitcoin Airdrops videos please. These are great. I rewatch them and try to fully understand everything that I can explain it. Thank you so much for putting the work and time to help us all.

  5. Hey drake.
    I've opened several wallets over the past few days.
    Do you think you can help me? In any way.
    A hint or where I should look, for the second six of the words.
    I need some kind of help with it.
    I've been trying this since March of last year when you announced it.
    Any hint will do. I'd appreciate it if you replied.
    Thank you sir.
    I have some words but I can't confirm it.
    Nuclear Bacon Soda Will

    Please 🙏

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