$100 to $70,000 Binance Future Trading – Easy Profitable Strategy

In other to become a profitable trader, you need to master that particular strategy that works in each pair or market that you trade. it is true that some strategy …


  1. Hodling is a low risk , long term strategy which is not always guaranteed , the most money in the crypto is made by mining , farming and actual trading and trust me the basic knowledge wouldn’t even cut it , that’s why I entrust my portfolio to professionals like sir Kent white who has helped me earn more than I would have hodling .

  2. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…. But why is no one here talking about Bitcoin… Now's the best time to buy the dip and it's an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for ☺️….

  3. could you pls make also a tutorial for beginners on how to trade futures on binance? how to open ect… many thanks! I use same strategy on forex and works fine. I just have an aditional SMA 21 and 7, to show me momentum. would this work in crypto too?

  4. First goal should be. Find 3 trading opportunites. reach 100 trades a month…/ reach 100 trades a month with 50% winRate. reach 100 trades a month with 60%… always 3.1 RRR. If you follow this steps. Will take you 1-2 or even 3 years.. depends how much work you are willing to put in. But think this way. 2 years of practicing on how to make a living pressing buttons. sounds quite nice

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