$100 a day – Crypto Trading Strategy 2024 (for Complete Beginners)

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  1. Another question! 🙂 Is there a way to find the currently 'undervalued' (if you will) crypto stocks? Those with prices on the lower side, compared to previous weeks or months. From what I understand, it would be much safer to take long positions rather than short (if that means the same thing as "Shorting a stock"…[shrug] Sorry for the dumb questions; but, I was an ER nurse for 30 years; and this stuff is quite new!

  2. Oh, also, I don't understand how you " leverage". Leveraging crypto with crypto doesn't make sense to me. You bring up its importance in many videos; I wonder if it might be worth doing a whole lecture on? 🙂

  3. Oh geez, thank you, THANK YOU! For teaching me how to get started by Duh! Step #1: Set up a useable trading chart! lol I kept thinking, "If I just knew where to start from!" This is perfect; well it will be, after you do a little edit, and explain to the "Trading for Dummies" sector, that after setting SMA200 w/ smooth dithering = 100; if you're missing the yellow line, you'll need to open SMA setting again, then choose the STYLE tab, and check the "smoothing line" box for it to show up! NOW there are TWO lines to work with! Tnx!

  4. Great video! very informative. just a bit confused about that first rule about the candle… if i heard it right, i should not open a long or short position if it touches the middle average line but if it doesn't touch it, i should. Pls confirm because i'm quite confused. also does the candlestick have to be above the middle average in order to start a long position and below to start a short?

  5. Hey man! I just wanted to say that your videos are so straightforward and informative! Thank you so much!😊

    Could you make more videos regarding this and copy trading?

  6. Hey Ksaveras , really nice video! I was wondering if I could help you with more Quality Editing in your videos and also make a highly engaging Thumbnail which will help your video to reach to a wider audience ?

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