10 Things to Do Differently with Your Money in 2022 with Dave Ramsey

10 Things to Do Differently with Your Money in 2022 with Dave Ramsey • Get a money plan for real life! Start your free trial of …


  1. So one day the wife and I went into the RV store to buy a travel trailer…… worst mistake of our lives btw…. We spent 40k on a trailer….. credit… fml ya it was dumb… I was excited because it cost us only an extra 90$ because they combined 2 other debts into this cost…. fml again… If we continued to make the payments as planned we would have spent 89,400 on the borrowed 40k! We just payed it off and spent still 10K in interest because the way the scam works. Learn from our mistakes don't buy anything on credit except a house and again like Ramsey said its a 15 year cost because its not worth it otherwise. GL and stay intense! lol

  2. Had 14k forgiven from the government just a month ago. Only owe 5k now. Glad I didn't just pay I all off. I was scammed by ITT. Lawsuit the government did helped me. Was a 44k loan.

  3. Ahh. He didn’t like her saying his age lol. I’m older than him and don’t care if people know my age. 🫣 And I’m a woman.

  4. If people want school loan forgiveness because it’s a “scam”, why does the fed still do it? Stop it. Make the individual states a schools take over the school loan business. Those schools and their thousands of teachers and staff are the beneficiaries, not the federal govt. By the way, forgiveness is an even bigger scam. People promised to repay. Many already did repay or didn’t go to school. Any loan forgiveness or delayed payback offered by Biden is flat out buying votes with everyone else’s money. It’s theft.

  5. Very helpful I appreciate the Bible references too. I have learned from life and Dave Ramsey show, speakers, real people calling in all for help, people come from many different backgrounds of wealth or poverty that does not define their ability and success to spend less than they make.. Therefore materials cannot be the measure of contrast between people success at spending less than they make. To focus on what I can control about my money and how I budget while celebrating that person's ability to do the same is possible without jealousy but content. Thank you for sharing your insight for free very helpful the after pay didn't know anything about that. The insight about the perspective of a budget and that a budget gives freedom was helpful too all of this was very helpful. Thank you for sharing for free.

  6. I have noticed that I buy stuff off the internet, and when it arrives a week later, I cannot remember what it was that I bought. I guess that it couldn't be something too important if that's the case.
    And the whole "save for later" thing rejuvinates the desire to buy something you don't really need.

  7. It is hard to understand Rachel's words when she talks and laughs at the same time. Her constant laughter makes this video very annoying. I gave it a thumbs down for this reason. Dave has good advice but I wish he would give it on a different video so that I could hear everything he said.

  8. Stuff…you can't take it with you! No U-Haul trucks follow hearses. I love Rachel's thing about putting "stuff" into a shopping cart online and then deleting it. I've heard that online companies are freaking out about this going on with shoppers. Do not be fooled by sales either. Many sales are on multiples of an item. Even at the grocery store, would you really be buying that item without that marketing ploy or coupon? Only use coupons for things you buy anyway. Check out the junk in other carts!

  9. It isn't only wives who don't know anything about money or spending! What happens in the "power play" when it's the husband who doesn't know about investing or trusting advisors? It puts the wife in a position of having to be the one who is needed to make decisions.

  10. I love you two! I'm so grateful for your family and your joyful sharing all of the tremendous wealth of knowledge and wisdom God has downloaded to you, pun intended❣Rachel please kiss your Dad on the cheek for me, I might never meet you here, but surely in Heaven one day 💕

  11. it's when they said, stop waiting for your job, your wife, or the white house to give you money or make you rich. really you gotta wake up, and take control of your own life. because you can wait forever, and they may come through. but you can do something today

  12. If my rent has gone up to $1760 should I consider buying a house? I am preapproved for VA loan for $250,000 but houses here in Florida are being bought over asking sight unseen.

  13. I completely disagree what he is saying about crypto. I think Ramsey is to old for the understanding of crypto and the technology behind this new asset!

  14. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  15. What will all of you do with your emergency fund, funded with USD going to do when the dollar is only helpful to clean yourselves?

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