1 Trading Strategy for FOREX, CRYPTO & US30 (86% WIN)

BEST Trading Rooms: In this episode, I’ll explain 1 Trading Strategy for FOREX, CRYPTO & US30 (86% …



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  2. Hi! I'm excited to be here in your channel and I'm interested in learning more about investing and saving up for my retirement but am a little confused about the whole process. Any advice or tips to get me started up would be greatly appreciated.

  3. This strategy makes the most sense to me and this one video alone has helped me put my lines on the chart! I am going to backtest on paper account and see how it does /10.

  4. Nice vid man like always!
    You said we need to wait for the price to retest the zone but as soon as the price touches the zone you enter the trade, we need to see the price sitting on the zone and not break it to the opposite direction… don’t we?

  5. Dude, I just subscribed to your YT channel and saw your telegram channel it says 24 hrs. till the easter offer ends. What's the offer like 55$ and 50$ for fx/gold respectively is available at lower price?

  6. Hey pat . I’ve used your link to register on Fyntura and been doing trading for a while but there withdrawal policy is bit shady . As soon as I ask for more than 200 bucks withdrawal .its been 2days . They still didn’t processed the withdrawal and using an excuse like short of staff etc or different holidays Comin up … so I am just giving headup here .. love your channel … broker not so much

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