1 Minute Scalping Strategy Just Using 50 EMA And 200 EMA

Here is a strategy I threw together and have not tested much at all so have no idea if it is profitable. obviously you need a raw spread account to make this work.


  1. This isnt proven profitable so no one trade this strategy please. It is only a fun idea to work with. You also would need a raw spread commission only account to actually make it work. Sorry for the kind of clickbaity thumbnail it's an experiment to see how this video performs compared to more reasonable ones. Thanks for watching!

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  2. Good idea but I do the opposite of you, instead of first touch and pull back (after 50 cross 200) I apply to first cross over without pull back instead. Simply put If the price cross over the 50 ema without pull back (after 50 cross 200) I just follow it and it woks for me (just experiment, not gauranteed)

  3. I look at these charts and I'm thinking this just can't apply the same to stocks maybe…. know nothing about trading Forex and this price movement just isn't anything like the stocks I trade in. Why are so many of these damn videos all in the Forex market

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  5. This is a joke. It's easy to say "Don't take the trade because 3 candles are above to MA" – but when you are watching it live you don't know how many candles are closing above the MA. Or maybe do a better job explaining yourself bro….

  6. Working your way to profitability in this market, has to be done with utmost discipline and how well you can set your variables right, your entry point, the stop loss etc, trading is easy with the right help and tools.

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