1 Min Scalping Strategy – 94% Win Rate

The scalping strategy is one of the most favorite trading styles, that specializes in profiting off of small price changes and making a …


  1. Thank you for a thoroughly explained video. From my experience in investing, having made more than 6 figures net profit over the past few of years, I'd say having an expert handle your financial investments is the best way to earn passively and can also go a long way in helping you gain confidence to trade yourself. Not everyone is built for the ups and downs themselves, especially when starting out newly.

  2. why are you not showing us the losers that the indicator shows? also how many % of position size to take in every take profit?
    94% winrate you say im sure when i go backtesting its way less xD

  3. Thanks for the help. It's already working. I just would like a bit more clarity around the HARSHI leaving the green/red zones; do the candles have to go into the green zone or does the yellow line entering the zone suffice? And vice versa? Thank you! I'll send you some pics of the positions I've recently taken. Thanks again!

  4. hey, i saw on your other replies that you set your stop loss based on "sewing high and sewing low" i cant seem to find that definition on google or elsewhere. could you explain a little bit on that? thanks!!

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  7. Great videos! Taking inspiration from your videos I have also started a channel doing live testing on live market based on auto buy and sell signals. Thanks a lot. Great stuff! 💐

  8. Not gonna lie. as so many indicator i used for scalping, this strategy was the best so far, but need to combine with MACD (macd cross signal) and HARSI indicator.

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