1 hour vs 5 minutetime frame

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  1. I find 5M works best with a limited time window and holds best around market open. For example I trade 5M around 0800-1000 London time on the FTSE 100 index, one trade and that’s it for the day. But what you say is spot on.

  2. I feel on the Higher time-frames,like 1 hour,and so on,we get to see a genuine and a solid movement of the market. On the 5 mins time frame and less ,is filled with a large representation of the higher timeframe's candle movement with more noise a bit. So I do my analysis on the 1h and then I head to the LTF like 5 min for my entry and x2 confirmation (i.e after my first confirmation on the Htf.)

  3. Do you feel like you have to risk more trading the 1hr? I agree on the anxiety levels, just starting to trade higher time frames now but it feels like placing my SL under the last swing low or just outside the range costs me way more in terms of risk. 😅🚨🫣

  4. It is great when you have family members who are all into trading which makes it easier to understand the trading logic. Meanwhile everyone around me has a negative view of the financial market and trading in general 🥲🤦🏾

  5. Gambler swaps from spreading bets over multiple rounds with 3 hands playing blackjack to putting all their money on 1 hand instead.
    To be fair it’s actually more mathematically sound to do this

  6. We trade exactly the same except I don’t trade 1hr I trade 5 and 15mins sometimes 1min cos I’m a scalper and I over trade which I don’t like, but I will try learn how to trade 1hr time frame. A week is good cos I’m a fast learner.
    Anyways, your videos has been really helpful. Thank you

  7. Check this out. I use 512tick then 2,5,15,30min and 1hr but try to trade off larger times frames. If I’m skittish of markets it seems like it’ll take a rip then pullback so far it seems like a loosing trade right away. Hence we’re always loosing. My fix is to let them pullback where I wished I entered “after” the move occurred and just set it there. So many times it’ll hit that breakout area before letting market go. Big ol wick right to my entry then it really dips down because other side got a break even so got out of positions and that’s why 50% pullbacks happen. Pros don’t loose they scale in changing break even market and take profit off one position then break even on other at the 50% pullback. Early bird exit is when they double down at opposing side of market bringing break even down to 68% or so. Fibs show exactly what’s happening but only help after trades have taken off. Good for measured moves too where double the price action of day and see if lines up with trendline or expected move of day or 200ema etc.

  8. I like to use 5 and 15, I feel like limiting your self to one is pointless. Small ones are better for entries but I always make sure my trade is following a direction in the bigger picture aswell. That’s one mistake I’ve caught for a lot of my losing trades, I’ll get lost in the smaller time frames, take a trade and then I’ll zoOm back pair and realize the 15 or 20 tells a whole different story. Check multiple time frames!

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