$1.4 billion in 7 days (Crypto Go-To-Market Strategy)

3 things to think about when launching a web3 project. Offering a limited amount of free consultations, schedule here: …


  1. Great video Robert!
    The 3 points were simple and easy to understand.
    I'm curious of your thoughts on what I've learned are the fundamental aspects of GTM around ICP, Value Prop, and Strategic Narrative. Would you say that your point on the Value ("utility of the project/potential financial gain") = value prop and the "Vision" = strategic narrative? How would you tie it back to that?

  2. Thank you for the priceless content and information, I have sent you an invite and looking forward to meeting you in person😊( ps, i have watched most of your content, and thank you for sharing your wisdom )

  3. Hey Robert, I've watched a few of your videos now. I love the content you put out. My name is Osman and I am in charge of marketing for a very new project called Biokript. We are to be the first hybrid shariah-compliant exchange platform. If you have time, I would definitely love to have a chat with you.

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