🤯 The Smartest Hacker Predicts The Future of Bitcoin

Ryan Montgomery was asked about cryptocurrency and he said that Bitcoin is here to stay and might be reach millions per coin in …


  1. 1 trillion in pre-Bitcoin Etf Money trapped behind a regulated dam and 16 million coins with 75% hodl from financial corps and 12% lost in earthquakes, lost wallets, and wars = 4.5 million a coin. Believe it.

  2. fake, for bitcoin to reach 100k it should 4x it's market cap, that's posible but 1m, it's impossible, a ton of years should have happened for we would've been through some halvings and then bitcoin isn't always secure, quant computers can rival criptography.

  3. No alt coins will do anymore than what people choose to put in.. use case wont jump the price so they will always be pump and dumps, manipulated by the owners.. they companies will only benefit, not the tokens. Bitcoin is not understood by most yet.. but they will.. its scarce.. its freedom.. and much more.

  4. Your crypto journey is about to reach new heights with Sphynx Labs. With 20 integrated chains at your disposal, you're poised for success in the next bull run.

  5. I had some BTC when it was at 300$,
    I was such a noob I didn't even know stop loss exist and that the trading platform auto set my stop loss, thus then BTC hit the stop loss I just lost it and forgot about it…

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