🤑 How to make 300% with cryptocurrency trading bots? [Webcast]

Stop wasting time staring at Bitcoin’s chart and making no trade action. Bitsgap automated bots can be launched on any trend to …


  1. How do you keep track of all trading records for filing the annual tax? There are so many of them. At least a couple thousand trades and it is too much for us to do it. Thank you

  2. Hello, Great platform and a very interesting approach to trading.
    Can I use Fibonacci levels to determine the volatility of the chart. Maybe it would be an idea to better set the number of levels and their range? Or maybe Pivot?

  3. Hey, @Bitsgap! I want to request a stop buy feature! For example I set up a breakout level and I want it to all in in my coin and only starts trading again if it drops with some custom treshold (that I can set) below that breakout price. Thanks!

  4. I accidentally set the stop loss too high. now I want to restart the bot but the price is higher than before, can I start the bot 'later' on a certain (lower) market price? like starting the bot on a limit order?

  5. Would be amazing if you could add functionality of compounding our gains by adding them to existing trades in some way without having to cancel the bot. Loving the site and bots and just about to finish my trial and sub.!

  6. Someday please automate everything, so that we can just click something like "start" and your algorithms will automatically select the best pair to buy, the best number of grids, the best lower and upper prices, and automatically enable "take profit", "stop loss", "trailing up", and other things when needed.

  7. When my bot makes a profit I see that I still have a balance as "available". These amounts are automatically added to my bot or do I have to stop my bot and reconfigure it with the new amount earned?

  8. I am missing something, I've the bot running for a month and the bot profits on the spot history totals 175 euros… but I had 500 euro at the start and now i have 530 euro… how is it possible? Closing the bot and selling all the coins should not have lost 150 euros. All the market is mostly going up so I cannot understand how those profits were eroded.

  9. Would love a specific video all about the arbitrage function. Have it working but haven't a clue where the profits are ha ha. Cashflow in arbitrage is most likely very obvious but when you press the TRADE button in excitement where can you check that the funds are indeed where they should be 🙂

  10. Hey man! I was wondering if you needed an editor so you could cut to the chase in your videos and save yourself some time. I am able to do the first video for free as a trial to see if you like the editing. I can go ahead and send my Gmail after you reply to this comment to contact me and transact video files.

  11. Several times, even though I had Trailing Up turned on, the price exceeded the Upper Grid Level, and the BOT sold off my assets. THIS is NOT something I want to see again. I worked hard at HODLíng for years to accumulate my holdings at good prices, and now much of it is gone. Why does the ""Trailing Up" NOT keep up with the price action? As described in this video, and on their website, it is supposed to "idle" if it goes above the "upper limit", and then resume normal trading when it dips back down.. It does NOT do this. Instead, it continues to sell off your hard earned crypto.

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