🛑The crypto bullrun is over?! #crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin


  1. what nobody mentions is we had a huge runup from January because of btc etf, no cycle has had a runup like that so early, so yes a large "consolidation" is underway..

  2. Can you imagine if Michael Sayer decided to retire, sell his bitcoins and right off into the sunset, Bitcoin will go to a dollar. You can’t have one man control in the whole market, or have all your eggs in one baskets so called wannabe millionaires

  3. It’s over………
    Crypto was the new Pet Rock. It was always a worthless scheme, designed , mastered and totally controlled by a small group of billionaires laughing all the way to the bank, but they got too greedy with their pump and dump. All their ridiculous graphs, spending of millions on social media , fancy commercials and google advertisements to keep the suckers buying, is no longer working. No matter how much money they spend to keep the fantasy alive, I believe the pet rock is sinking to the bottom. The billionaires will pump soon but it’s too late, the gig is up, All my opinion of course.

  4. Almost every crypto , if you go you back one year , they’re in the red , down , blood 🩸, this has to be the saddest run for alrcoins just saying . It’s been nothing but a bull trap the last 90 days , this is a fact .

  5. Bull run never even started. It was a etf pump. Bull run hasn’t and never was happening til 2025. People just got carried away with themselves because they seen the market pick up from etf news. These influencers are either very smart or very stupid telling their audiences that they’re in a bullrun. You either misleading or your clueless about the crypto market

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