🚨WARNING | Crypto in Danger – Crypto Giant BINANCE Targeted | Major Ethereum Polygon News

The Crypto markets are in danger as the SEC targets Binance BUSD after charging Kraken $30 Million last week for its staking …


  1. 1000 matic….
    World rulers will do everything too take away posabilitys for middle and low class too gain anything. Selfish, egoistis fakerz. They do anything too stop things they cannkt control, anything too put people in bad. And people afraid and staying sheeps. I think this world is lost. I need a place in Musk spaceship and leave this world.

  2. All these recent attacks on Binance is nothing more than payback for Ftx. CZ is Canadian and Binance offers alot for its customers. The US really needs to get its head out of its ass with crypto. Amazing how many scumbag politicians were connected to the Ftx sham…

  3. Most people venture into the crypto currency to be
    millionaire meanwhile I just want to be debt free and live comfortably, thanks to Mrs Madeline Powell and her great trading techniques

  4. Excellent analysis . Thanks for alert us . What about liquidity mining? Grizzlyfi is example about liquidity mining Defi Project .if you free time you research this project

  5. Can't wait for the government to create their own stable coin and stop the bs, they're stopping regular every day folks from gaining financial freedom good job America 🇺🇸

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