Should you buy Safemoon or not? That is the question we’re going to answer in this video. What is Safemoon cryptocurrency?


  1. When will you post an update to this “review”??? You called it a ‘scam’ at least 50 times, potentially steered thousands of investors from it, only to find out, it’s a legit project!? 1M+ followers…almost 3M holders, growing every day…you should be sued for libel/defamation…seems the loudest ones in the room are the true scams (war on rugs, for example)…how about you? Many of your videos are wildly off the mark bro! But this one is the furthest off…give it a couple more months, and I expect to see that recant vid! 👌🏼

  2. Lol how u feel now buddy.# Safemoonarmy were the proof bud let's see it. Scam nope u just don't do enough research. Lol ur the scam leading people in the wrong way with no facts at all lol

  3. after i read their white paper, visit safemoon website. and looking @ other website such as coinmarketcap and other potential site that can help my research, i must say that Safemoon is not a scam, it was a good investment though, becos it will burn a lot of coins when holders need to sell it. soon will list it @ binance. and for now i will unsubscribe on your channel. . thanks!

  4. Sorry Bro, just one more thing… the content of your Vid reminds me of similar Vids saying Bitcoin was a scam, and for that reason I didn’t invest $400 that I was willing to lose, watching your vid brings back memories, basically you are telling your audience that Safemoon is a certain loss.. let people live the dream bro, everything is risky but calling things a scam or pyramid scheme without concrete proof is just wrong. Yes all early investors benefit way more than new investors that goes for everything.. nothing pyramid about that..

  5. Bro, not hating but what is your definition of a “Pyramid Scheme”? Did you say Bitconnect?? What’s the correlation between the two??
    Bro take your video down, your vid was just too premature to make judgment, I get it but still premature.. again you should take the video down otherwise risk the possibility of becoming a joke meme in the future.. DYOR then revisit Safemoon with another Video, and yes everything is a risk but calling it a scam is just unfair..

  6. You went in hard on safemoon early. While you may have had good intentions, you made a lot of assumptions that turned out to be false, and is now completely inaccurate. Will you make an update video since a lot has changed?

  7. Thank you for your insight.
    You brought some good points as to how SafeMoon could be a scam.
    It would have been helpful if you would have contrasted how a (so called) reputable coin white paper compared to SafeMoon. How SafeMoon stacks up to a proven coin.
    This would have added utility to your video.
    As a relative novice it would have helped me more. I realize I could have ran comparisons myself and I will see how this coin stacks up but it negates the helpfulness of watching your video.

  8. Lol dude sound angry, I have made thousands on this , don't hate because you didn't make Jack squats lol . Man you fucking haters , you guys talk shit about doge and I made a shit load on that aswell .

  9. I'm not invested in this but if this is not a rugpull I'm gonna laugh.
    Take and use what works for you.
    I do live in my own world as should you and everyone else that watches you and reads my comment

  10. Word of advice don't make videos, and make strong accusations that are clearly based on your own emotion about something and not facts, because you said 0 facts in this whole video. This video is just a bunch of word salad coming from someone who just sounds super salty. Based on everything you said in this video you did 0 research.

  11. Many posters I see on the scammoon subreddit have an account that is only weeks or months old (and when they don't there are posting gaps of years), and they avoid questions, lash out at people who question it, and use broken English. Not to mention many streams I go to have literal nobodies I've never seen in the chat in years of watching trying to discuss it when nobody discusses crypto when watching games. That is all I need to be convinced it's a scam and probably tax evasion and money laundering. If you see someone defending scammoon, tell them "Shut the fuck up."

  12. at the same time I feel like if I don't put at least 100 bucks in it I could miss out. As they say only put into it what you can afford to lose.

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