🚨 THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR #BITCOIN!!! #blackrock #cryptocurrency #bitcoinnews


  1. Why doesn't Blackrock buy Bitcoin today? Does it matter if DCG, Genesis, Gemini, Binance and others fail through contagion? Does it matter if some of the Top 10 Bitcoin Miners fail? Can Bitcoin go up if the S&P goes down? Can Bitcoin go up if Miners are "Carbon Taxed"? Why would America want Bitcoin adoption? If it doesn't, why do you believe it would happen? Is there any concern regarding Quantum Computing breaking cryptography of public keys and rewriting to ledgers? Where will the new money come from to drive Bitcoin up in price, if not Stimulus Checks?

  2. I like you bro thanks for what you do but man you need to sleep more before you really turn into a Zombie 🧟‍♂️
    Hahaha im kidding you bro keep pushing

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