Bitcoin enters critical territory as $BALD rug pull conspiracy sweeps the space! SEC deliberately trying to kill crypto, $HEX under …


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    Intro Credit: https://twitter.com/naiivememe/status/1685216184613117952

    ⏰ Timestamps:
    0:00 Intro
    1:46 Bitcoin Analysis
    5:45 DeSantis vs FED
    7:16 $BALD Rugpull
    9:44 SEC vs Coinbase
    10:57 Terraform Labs
    13:00 SEC vs HEX
    15:14 Final Thoughts

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  2. it gets really scary when you dip our usual stablecoins are reliant on the banking systems. good thing is some few projects like Ethena are building independent stablecoins that are also seizure resistant.

  3. You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a crypto market for just few months and now they are millionaires , all thanks to Mrs Jane, God bless you madam πŸ˜‡

  4. I just hope that one day we’ll have such a mature, well-developed crypto space that we won’t need to be anxious all the time, obsessed with conspiracies! We need more decentralization, scalability, better DeFi, and better stablecoins. I believe if censorship-resistant and scalable stablecoins like Ethena’s are supported, things can change pretty fast.

  5. Nakamoto Games (NAKA) is one to watch. 650K+ registered users. Hosts over 200 games, Web3 Mobile App & Nakaverse coming, provide an SDK for developers allowing them to transform their existing Web2 games into Web3, have Nakapunks with their exclusive NFT collection & the first Web3 gaming platform to enter a permanent collaboration with Universities igniting Blockchain Gaming Across Thailand's Universities.

  6. corruption with gensler? sam BF no charges? … former irs head steals 1% of all tax receipts?? arrested for treason?? normal tuesday in banana republic…WTF. dca the dip been good to me.

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