🚨 BREAKING🚨 Crypto Manipulation EXPOSED! (Bitcoin Dropping)

The price of bitcoin is being manipulated…let’s dive into the details so you know whether to buy or sell. In today’s show, we discuss …


  1. Decentralized platforms vs centralized platforms is exactly that for people who want to invest and are relatively new heck even if you’ve been in for a few years you’re fearful not only because of the lack of knowledge but as you stated the hardship of just using one vs the other not to mention the fear of can you trust smaller decentralized dex’s again biggest problem is lack of knowledge and from what I’ve seen in so many comments how to get that education where you feel secure😊

  2. I've been buying all year and will continue. Hang in there folks. Don't 4get how excited you were in the bullrun. And how depressing it is when it's sideways. But stay on the 🪜 of crypto. Crypto is for those that break the bank😊

  3. Just wanted to say that you guy’s are awesome and the content is good but, if you really want to become and stay the nr 1 crypto channel on you tube then it’s time to get more serious. Love the new show🙏✌️

  4. Only major event will be positive when war in Russia Ukraine ends nothing negative coming this is the healthy pull back in all markets after being over brought first 6 months

  5. fantastic show. thank god Ben is back and wonderful changes to the show. I like the direction of this show much better. Still miss TJ but really like the focus on the news and Ben's opinons. Great stay and hodl speech too – very valuable.

  6. This guy isn't even close to having a 138-140 IQ. Mensa is 140. Adding math in your head doesn't determine IQ. I've studied enough to know that he is 110-115 at best. Then he says he hasn't had a test. Do a Stanford Binet, then show us the results live lol.

  7. I've been kinda waiting for this for a little while. I think certain forces are driving everything down so they can shake out as many people as possible and at the same time, they're loading up on everything every time they smack it down. I've been packing away as much funds as I can for this period right here.
    I'm slowly just buying more of my main coins from here on in. I think this next bullrun is gonna be good.

  8. Great show today Ben. Better than bald guy. No disrespect to bald guy. Even with the technical difficulties the crypto talk density made it okay. Really appreciate holding the non crypto talk until the end.

  9. I apologize for my earlier negative comment. I had to delete it. I'm 1 hour in and the show has been excellent. This is some prime cut Ben we are getting today. There has been some joking, but it has been tasteful joking. Joking in such a way where the whole show doesn't derail. Pretty funny actually. Found it hard to laugh at the old jokes since they were being done during a show that barely talked crypto. Hard to laugh when you feel like your time is being wasted.

  10. More serious of a show so much of a better platform! So happy to hear this news. More news learning and education so much preferred and less clowning around- some horseplay is ok but it was getting too silly

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