Bitcoin is showing weakness! But here is what you need to see in order to understand the gravity of the situation. PLUS, I updated …


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  2. I said several times the financial institutions control the market. They are gonna drive the price way down than buy in big. They will rinse and repeat. They all have mtgs about them putting money in and pulling it out of the market. Bitcoin will fall further

  3. Define the word crash please.

    If a plane crashes, most likely everyone’s dead. If it loses an engine and emergency lands, most likely everyone is still alive.

    Looks like we’re going sideways and holding support (the runway).

  4. Thomas, I don't understand how she is "changing" what she said, she literally made a solid point, its blockchain technology that is the biggest disruption and bitcoin is an actual distraction from it, most people are too busy trying to make profits from bitcoin, just look at you, your whole Instagram profile is about the money you made you could care less about blockchain as a whole. Yet the primary thing here is blockchain it self.

  5. Imagine watching previous video, going in in bitcoin with 40k entry and getting stopped out and blame Thomas for the loss because you dont watch every video xD

  6. “Crashing”… bruh if Bitcoin dumps to $30K it will be the biggest gift this year for me! Astroturfing that people are “scared” of this “crash” after sitting at $17K for two years is laughable 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Unseizable? Go look up how much bitcoin the US treasury has confiscated. This has been proven false many times already, crypto is not immune to confiscation.

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