🚨🚨 India Crypto Ban Update, Why Market Dumped?

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  1. can you make a video to educate us how to research a crypto project's team.
    what to look at , where to find data(as some developers donot use Linkedin) ,what is considered relevant exp.

  2. Bhai govt ka intrest logo ko bachane me nahi hota…logo ki kamai chubhati hai…jaha aam log 4 paise kama le…govt jabardasti bhagidar banane ko taiyar baithi hai…kisi ko jine nahi degi shanti se…sorry baat kadvi hai par sach hai…i am not any party member 🙏🏻

  3. Abhi tho Suruvat Hai Crypto ka – I am bullish for Long – Keep accumulate guys – pump and dump is always there – buy right and hold tight – govt. Need tax while buy and sale, it is good for them one more platform to take Tax.

  4. Bsc chain. Eth chain. Matic chain but shivam ji one concern all coins is not avaliable all chain I tried swap on sushi connect bsc chain and matic chain Dai to ohm but it's available only Ethereum chain please make a video on cross chain transfers ethereum Token to bsc token to matic connect with meta and trust wallet in all things one tips for saving gas fees big problem ethereum chain gas fees

  5. One of my cousin brother works in finance minister cabinet he told that the government is now ready with crypto bill and going to be pass it out in this winter season parliament cabinet ✌️

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