🔵 How To Buy Any Cryptocurrency In The World!

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  1. Please help: so I've followed these crypo currency videos stage by stage to buy on Binance (thank you Neil and I am a fairly new patreon follower of yours). But my 2 UK banks (Santander and Nationwide) have blocked me buying crypto, as they have opted to prevent scam losses (their claims) which means my 2 cards will not allow money transfers into my Binance wallet to begin buying. Any ideas please because I've got so far and had a dead stop. Thanks in advance.

  2. The only thing I have learned about cryptocurrency is that I do not have any GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTS that are required to get cryptocurrency so I am disqualified from getting any cryptocurrency.I knew about bitcoin when it was only $600 a bitcoin and I could have bought about 25 bitcoin at the time.

  3. I really liked the video, buddy, you are definitely my favorite specialist. What do you say approximately Daisy Launchpad? perfect features for investment. apropos, @DaisyProtocol has its own $Daisy coin.

  4. I'm not sure if this idea is worth smth. Nothing like @musashifinance. Stable, profitable, with an impressive mission. It's a shame u didn't tell anything about it.

  5. You need to look into Pirate Chain/Arrr, if you belief we have trouble coming and a new world order privacy is the only way to go. Xmr and Arrr will probably be the best choice to own

  6. All the hate you are getting Neil has nothing to do with the subjects cited but instead are just hateful Hellbound losers who are getting back at you for telling the truth about them and the not so great reset.

  7. Tether is the big buyer of crypto at the moment and it doesn't have the money to back up it's currency – there is far further to fall and look at the losses since you made this video – glad I got out two weeks ago

  8. Thanks mate. Dont know if it is a good idea. I have some Ethereum and Dash on Etoro. and some bitcoin on coinbox. Would you suggest taking them out or just leave them in? They have all grown quite significantly in the last year. Dash has done well

  9. Crypto has no intrinsic value at all!!
    What happens to crypto when the economy collapses which it will in the next year or so by design.
    When the banks release their blockchain and digital UBI I suspect all other crypto will be null and void.
    The Great Reset is communism.

  10. Bear in mind that mortality rates are higher for people who are less well off vs those that are better off. Therefore it is in the governments interests to impoverish people through lack of affordable housing causing a lifelong drag on their wealth accumulation, so they will die faster and have less reliance on State Pension.

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