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  1. the price for expertise handle in trading is outrageous success. You see it’s rather safe to be judged by the end in order to justify the means. With that be said the expert trader in context is none other than Mr Pen larry he’s straight forward man and an eligible professional.

  2. All crypto currency investors please raise your voice for Stop crypto currency Tax. If Govt denied, then please don't vote to Modi government in 2024. About 7 to 10 crores crypto currency investors in India. So government loose 7 to 10 crores votes. Mind it

  3. Tum pagal ho tumhe kya lagta hai ki agar buying pe tds nahi lagega to government ko kya pata nahi hai government ko sab pata hai tum maroge tum jante nahi ho ki kya panga hone wala hai india me sabke income tax ka notice aayega bhale hi koi kitni hi tax pay kare me is baat ki gaurantes leta hu sabke income tax ka notice aayega

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