🔴 The Only "DOUBLE BOLLINGER BANDS" Trading Strategy You Will Ever Need (FULL TUTORIAL)

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  1. first day testing that strategy. I used the link bellow and downloaded the indicator. From 38 euro up to 100 euro for 3-4 hours only 0.01 lot size. DIdnt use the take profit levels only moving the stop lose level (trailing) manualy. Will see how it will going next days. Thank you!

  2. This is actually a one-BB-strategy. You never use the 3 s/d BB for any decision making 😜

    What you actually do: you draw one volatility-dependent band around the 20 SMA and use it instead of the 20 SMA itself. This strategy is super-dependent on the actual stock for it to work. Most of the time it won't.

  3. Likewise I think.It seems that in every video, you claim all indicators have almost 100% even 100% efficacy.

    It seems that you are not living by trading, but living by making videos about trading.

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