🔴 MACD "High Win Rate Strategy" for SCALPING & DAY TRADING Crypto, Forex & Stocks



  1. mrb. I follow you from Turkey and I subscribe to you, but I did not understand the strategy because you explained it in English, could you please write the strategy in English as an answer to me, I will read it from the translation, thank you very much.

  2. Great video and some excellent tips! This is a scary time for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your high conviction stocks or crypto on a discount. Wealth is created during bear markets, not bull markets. If your portfolio is really effecting your mental health then delete the app and go for a walk. Let the market do its thing and have a long time horizon. I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 16` btc from day trading with Judith Sherwood in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish

  3. Excellent video. Question though: does the sell or buy confirmation get triggered when only the MACD signal line crosses the Zero line Or do both signal line AND the MACD line cross the zero line? Look at the 4:38 minute time stamp as compared to the 4:54 time stamp

  4. Thank you very much.The perfected technique is not born overnight!We. all want to get the bottom of the things,so don't spare your comments.

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  6. I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment?

  7. This a great video, I learn a lot watching your videos and it has been helpful to me. building a steady income is quite difficult for newbies. Thanks to Amber Rebecca for improving my portfolio, keep up with good videos.

  8. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why I trade with Ruby Martinez her skills set is exceptional.

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  10. I’m of <the opinion that those who leave it to market dynamics to determine when to trade or not are either new to the Market or are probably just naïve. The market has seen far worse times than this, enlightened traders are taking advantage of the dip and pumping even more towards trading sessions. My advice to new investors: More emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 8 BTC when I started at 1.7 BTC in just few weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from expert Jack Muller. For crypto related issues. Jack can be reached on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉JACKMULLER

  11. Yes, it's a good one. Very useful and easy to understand. Well described how to use it, but the video is still a bit confusing in two cases. a) You have changed the colors of the Signal and MACD line at the beginning and end of the video. b) 2:13 into the video you have entered the wrong name of the lines. The red line is MACD and the blue is the Signal line. Apart from these insignificant details, your video is well worth watching. Thanks. Continue.

  12. The problem with Double divergence is that it happens too infrequently to be the 1st string of your trading arsonal. Also, the success rate does not justify the lack of frequency to sit around waiting for it. Combining indicators is usually a mistake. Very rarely do they compliment each other statistically. MACD is probably a much better tool on it's own. It would be helpful to test these indicator strategies with at least 500 trades, rather than just labeling with superlative click-bait adjectives.

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