🔴 "Bitcoin Explained for Dummies" in Cartoons! What is Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency Made Simple

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  2. Your last video was 2 years ago. Why the delay?
    You have above 100k subscribers. With more consistency you can scale to 1 million.
    Pls be making more videos. And also teach economics and the financial crises

  3. Suppose everyone joins and continues this trajectories, where are we going to get our commodities? This system doesn't produce anything tangible. In fact, it is seems to be against all the capitalist system rules of the markets you taught me from MBABullshit videos by the look of things.

  4. Clicked the ad & watched the video just so it gets put higher in the youtube algorithm, more people need to understand this 😀

  5. I just sold my house and took out my life savings to invest in Bitcoin. I believe in the future of Bitcoin. I am now currently living in an apartment. Everyone hope for me that I succeed.

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