🔴 98% Best MODIFIED MARTINGALE Strategy | "RSI-Moving Average" Martingale Trading Strategy



  1. Amazing video but I have come to realize that as a beginner you will achieve close to nothing investing in the vast stock market all by your own, that's why there are professional stock broker and account managers to assist beginners achieve their financial and stock investment goals.

  2. Example with Tesla shares in Nice.. In my side u r the 1st and best indicator for me by reading subscribers mind voice and understanding our doubts…and explaining with perfect examples…

  3. Trading a martingale strategy in futures is a great way to blow up your account. It works good for a while, until the inevitable black swan trade happens and you lose all the profit you made from your previous 10 good trades.

  4. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Emily Jones, her skills set is exceptional.

    Trading with an expert is really beneficial this will help you avoid losing your money on the trading market. I also trade with Emily Jones and my portfolio has grown tremendously.

    A wise person should know that in order to build success, you should invest wisely and have proper knowledge or guide in the finance market.

  5. Hi, Trader DNA your education and teaching techniques are awesome. I am a newbie into trading and I do crypto. do you script for trading view signal indicator, please? I am not using MT thank you for your service

  6. This seems great but how do you work out your stop loss and now many lots you would put into your trade on forex could you explain it make a video on it an full walk-though of just one trade on forex would be good using this thanks

  7. I don't believe in that technique, it is the incarnation of "double down" = "you ruined it, so now keep doing that", but it is really risky, because if there were a trend breakout and the trend changes the position will be lost and the whole chain with it. To do that you need infinite money. This is a bad one

  8. Trading is nothing but like farming , you can't sow today and reap tomorrow. If don't have patience you can never earn from market. This strategy is image of patience. Impressive. I do trading like this but without 200 Ema. But now 200 Ema will give me an extra edge. Thanks for your discovery.

  9. That's pretty amazing
    But requires much effort along with the most powerful weapon strong control on emotion, greed, fear, confidence and in one word the Psychology
    Thanks for teaching good stretegy

    Love from India

  10. amazing, after learning to trade and failing, I was doing this naturally to put my trades and liquidity prices always down, assuming the trend was on my side, but in crypto evil spikes were touching all my stop loss, now my stop loss with confident analysis become my new entries 🙂

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