🔴 100% High Accuracy FRACTALS & ALLIGATOR Trading Strategy | BEST Multiple Moving Average Indicator

Alligator is not the only indicator created by Bill Williams. Nonetheless, it’s famous among traders all around the world.


  1. SIR, When swing trading forex with support/resistance what is reliable time chart to use for S/R levels–is it 4 hour OR 1 hour chart? I think that 1H ,30M, S/R levels are going to get easily violated if trading is against trend on 4H/Daily chart. Of course entry be made based on 15 M chart price action BUT ENTRY HAS TO BE IN THE HIGHER TIME FRAME DIRECTION–I seek your wisdom

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  3. Sir, Chances of price going up or down after hitting any level is 50-50.IF 4 hour chart based support/resistance level gives trader an  edge of say 5% (of price deflecting at the level),would that edge be good enough to make money? Let trader put standing orders each day,each order has take profit & stop loss –TP about 150-200% of SL–and let statistical odds play out.New orders each day after day.Sir, Any suggestions/modifications?

  4. video is very very good video sir 👍. Sir your alligator statage video I trading forex 5 minutes time frame is time frame is write or wrong please answer my questions . Thanks sir

  5. You're very cunning ha ha. Not funny. Didn't say which settings in Fractal and AO. Things look awful on chart if we're following this video word by word. Why didn't you say AO and Fractal settings? Also which time frame ? And also why didn't you answer to nobody about the time frame? You act like you're educator, but you intentionally miss out important details. Not cool, bruv.

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