๐Ÿ”ฎ 2024 Base Bitcoin Price Prediction ๐Ÿš€

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  1. Tom also said Bitcoin could hit 200K in 22 or 23. So….take that for what its worth. I hold some, but my horizon is much further down the road. Like, 2027-2030.

  2. Awesome vid James. For those of us who are fearful they haven't packed enough, would you mind giving your opinion on wether we should be waiting for the next bear or DCAing in regardless of price, but especially when its still under the ATH?

  3. Dems wanted to crush crypto because they hate the concept of freedom for the middle class. But they love their positions more, so they had to approve eth etf. Grifters indeed, well said.

  4. Biden will sign the crypto bill because he knows if itโ€™s vetoed he has absolutely no chance in hell! Trump already said, Iโ€™m your crypto president! Let the gameโ€™s begin. Thanks James.

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