💰 Cash Downpour! Big Buys, Projected Flows & PTs 📈

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  1. Tesla was strongest asset during the bear for me. I can’t lie I don’t wish bad on anyone, but I hope it stays low long enough for us to reach a close crypto top and begin transferring assets

  2. Why do you thank the first viewers? Thousands watch later not live, surely they are worth a mention. Great shows, you are awesome! A question: what is the microstrategy price multiplyer eg variance over btc price moves? Cheers.

  3. "my only agenda is to make you money"
    – James

    Man, you really are incredible.
    Been on Patreon for a few months now and have been following religiously for many more months. Your DD, models and math are bar none. You've changed my life and my family's future in the course of weeks. I'm so grateful for you as a person to be so selfless to work hard to help improve other people's lives. It's INCREDIBLE

  4. It is crazy people take ethereum seriously it’s giant scam with centralization and the people came up with it issue them most of the supply before launching it. Not decentralized at all like bitcoin.

  5. James, this has been a great year for you. You are so 'happy' as this bull run proceeds; this shines thru on your broadcasts. Congratulations to you on your models, persistence, and what you do for us all. best,

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