💎 Arbswap Airdrop – DEX on Arbitrum Nova 🚀 Step by Step Airdrop Arbitrum Tutorial on Nova

How to Apply Step by Step on the Arbswap Airdrop. This is a DEX on Arbitrum Nova. And this airdrop tutorial will help you too to …


  1. I bridged eth mainnet to Arbitrum 1 time only using Arbitrum bridge to do the task of Odyssey 1 week.. My question is how many times minimum bridge is required for me to be eligible for Arbitrum Airdrop?

  2. but why do u remove liquidity, whats the deal with that? hmm
    I understand if u put a lot of funds but couple dollars shouldnt be a problem, who confirmed that doing smth that protocol doesnt want helps? xD

  3. Hi. Great vidoes. Congrat! Do U think is it worth doing tasks for the Arbitrum airdrop? or it's too late too much time has passed and there's no chance to get a drop. Thx.

  4. Another home run Santi! Quick question… when you say high volume transaction (at least one time), what do you consider an acceptable range for a high volutme (ie. $100, $1000, $10,000, etc.)

  5. also, did u notice the frickin gas fee for transaction there is 1.5$… WHAT THE HELL??
    Transaction, hello? xD I pay bridges 1to 3$, not swaps!! m/
    I see your gas fee was IDENTICAL as mine, 0 0009 something, its like Orbiter then, always 0.0013/0.0012 I see m/
    Sorry if I spam u with these but really trying to minimize costs and maximize gains and Im from a relatively not rich country soooo yeah

    EDIT: 0.00094538 was mine when ARB/ARB NOVA bridge swap is 1.34$
    So its clearly not correlated with ETH gas fees, they just put up this crazy number for whatever reason + PCS copy
    Im only gonna do it on 1 wallet I think, for now

  6. another great tutorial Santiago. also I really like you pointing out how they copied pancake swap. always include your real thoughts behind the projects even if its negative, thanks mate

  7. Hi Sir! as always thanks for the videos. best in the tube. What is your suggested amount $ per transaction for ARB / OPT and related projects. You mentioned big volume. What you are going on these videos is only for demo purposes NOT actual airdrop suggested amount…

  8. Thanks bro. They are many stuff that we should do once per week… I lost trac on witch ones. When you do them can you just copy paste all task you do to show us ? As a reminder or do à to do list weekly ? Thanks

  9. thanks for this video ,but i am curious about the arb guild. what is the best way to get hop-lp-eth ? it has very bad liquidity and to buy it costs almost 40usd. it will also be impossible to sell. or will it go to the moon soon hhhh. anyway thx again.

  10. Muchisimas gracias Santi! pude mintear el nft de pontem, no lo podia creer, vos pensas que tendra alguna utilidad o me conviene venderlo? estaba pensando q tal vez, si es que hay un airdrop de Liquid Swap, airdropeen a las personas titulares de NFT

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