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  2. Do you not think that etherum since the merge won't drop as low to the price targets you suggest because its now deflationary. However if the merge hadn't happened then your price targets would be more likely?

  3. if eth is around $300 then the entire crypto market cap will be below $200B. The last crypto bear market in 2017 we were in good market conditions but crypto was just a concept back then, barely any normal person has even heard of Bitcoin at the time let alone all other projects. I don't think you could call it an industry in 2017. There were barely any exchanges (Binance launched in July 2017), no smart contracts, no NFTs, no cex no defi. I mean it can happen, eth can drop to $300 and btc can drop to a couple of K but I hope it doesn't happen, crypto is very closely correlated with the rest of the financial markets. If it drops that low, we are screwed because that means everything drops smp500, FTSE100 you name it. This would be worse than any depression before.

  4. Ethereum is in a different phase now. It's now in a negative issuance meaning there are less new Seth being mined that there is being used and burned.

  5. I think it will drop more btc will drop to 3 to 2k then to the moon ๐ŸŒ™ am I go all in on Eth 70k when it hits 300 to 100 hopefully 100 cause Iโ€™ll have 70k Eth ๐ŸŽ‰

  6. I could see it going back down to the 800's, maybe a leg lower, but hard to believe it will drop that low. But Marzell did say ETH could drop to that 800ish plateau and I thought that was impossible at the time. Hope it doesn't drop that low. That would be a major scary tank for crypto and there is enough drama going going in the market.

  7. Most TA analysts predict the following as bottoms for ETH : 700, 550, 380 and the lowest 200-250 . Not sure which will play out .. in any case once ETH dips below 900 best to DCA in…so if we miss the bottom we are still ok.

  8. Love how these " crypto pundits" get it wrong then they shut up and go missing for weeks , then come back blagging , I said this would happen, long after everyone has forgotten what was said , jokes the lot of them

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  10. Crypto is becoming less volatile than it has been previously, so I don't think we will see as wild a swing. But who really knows!

    If it does… then I'll be rich! Id happily buy up a whole lot at $300!

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