👀 My Crypto Mining Strategy Revealed 👀 Earn Over $600 A Day

Crypto Mining Strategy That earns over $600 A Day Need ASIC Miners? Miner Bros: (“RABID” $50 off Each …


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    I know the theory but never applied!

    Also in theory I know that is profitably but the numbers blows my mind, never knew that you cand make that kind of cash like that!

  2. What is the best and cheepest miner to buy to be ready the next time you find a coun to mine. Could i build a Veruscoin mining farm to be ready to switch or will CPU mining not work?

  3. Great video man, how do you find the coulins before people do and finding the wallet can hold them. I'm still a newbie to all this tracking down before people are on them and destroying the hashrate for us lil home miners lol

  4. I tried to get on GPRX early but was having issues with my flight sheet and lost patience 😂 Getting a little bag now in the event it pumps later (just submitted my hash/watts to you today actually).

  5. This is such an interesting idea! I wonder how bad the profitability would be with scrap mining vs buying something high end like the AMD Epycs. I've got about 2 dozen I7-4770s from the e-waste bin and would love to use them here! I've primarily used them for my gpu mining rigs lol

  6. Problem is, until someone on youtube announces such a coin then you just don't know about it, and by then it's just too late. It seems like there is some kind of cabal of people who keep these things secret from youtube until someone breaks the news.

  7. If you're a miner and you're not constantly checking for these new small coins on your algo – you're missing out on a lot of profits. I know this video is accurate because I have done similar stuff with new coins in the past.

  8. I’d love to see a video about your strategy to find coins like this early. Was this coin even listed on miningpoolstats in the very beginning or is there a better way to find pow coins earlier?

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